2 weeks to go!

Posted on Apr 3, 2013

That’s right folks, in 14 days I’ll be touching down in Nimes airport – the sun will be shining, the birds singing and I’ll be completely, definitely, calm and relaxed…

The SEO satellite tracked Rollers are making good progress – 1 bird is now in southern Mali (West Africa), another just north of the equatorial rainforest in CAR and another over the Congo basin. The 4th bird is nearly 4000km behind, although it hasn’t transmitted for a month, so the tag is possibly broken…

SEO heading north3

Another screengrab from the SEO migration website – one Roller is now powering Westwards along the Sahel

I’m back in Norwich after 2 nights in Leicester at the BOU’s annual conference (which was fantastic), 3 nights with my family on the Isle of Mull (also fantastic) and a night in Glasgow’s Euro Hostel either side (not fantastic, but better than expected). The conference was a great opportunity to meet lots of people, and my talk went well, I believe. Within an hour of being on Mull I saw a male hen harrier, and later that day a white-tailed eagle. On Sunday, a walk up on the moor behind our house yielded a short-eared owl, and despite missing golden eagle on Monday’s trip to a known eagle territory, I spotted one soaring over our house just as I was getting ready to leave! So a successful few days on eagle island

I’ve now got 2 weeks to get all my equipment together, pack, post whatever’s left, and figure out (roughly) what field data needs collecting. The RFID readers still aren’t ready, but the batteries (x352) and SD cards (x40) arrived in my absence. I’m also trying to work out the best way of making pitfall traps, which I’ll use to quantify prey abundance in different land-use types.


Last week I showed you 40 ‘klipit’ plastic tubs. This week, 352 rechargeable AA batteries!

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