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Playing with PIT tags

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In addition to booking flights and making this website, I’ve spent the last week or so playing with plastic, glue, boiling water and sharp knives, all in the name of ‘provisioning rates’. One of the aims of the project is to find out how the habitat makeup of a territory influences breeding success, via its influence on prey availability, foraging behaviour and chick diet. An important component of foraging behaviour is provisioning rate – the frequency with which parents deliver food to chicks – which, all other things being equal, should influence how much...

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Roll up

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Greetings, and welcome to my new website. The plan is to provide you with some interesting bits and pieces about the European Roller and the techniques I’ll be using to study them, whilst keeping you up to date on PhD progress (assuming there is any). I’m currently preparing for my first field season, which will be spent in the south of France, near Arles (just north of the Camargue). I’ll be flying out there in mid April (booking flights is on my to-do list for tomorrow!), which will give me a few weeks to get to know the field site before the Rollers return from the...

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