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Rolling along

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Well, the Rollers are heading north and it’s now less then 4 weeks until I fly out to France (my colleague Phil goes to Cyprus is less than a fortnight!). The pressure is on to get together all the necessary equipment and plan exactly how I’m going to spend my 3 months in France. The main cause of frustration, anxiety and disappointment are the RFID readers, which we’re planning to use to monitor chick provisioning rates. We’re using a system designed by a guy in the States, built by some guys down in the ENV electronics workshop (aka the dungeon) and ‘project...

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Heading north

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Checking up on the Spanish satellite-tagged Rollers is usually near the top of my daily to-do list (note: unfortunately this cracking research has nothing to do with my project). Last week, 2 of the birds started heading north, from Namibia across the border into Angola. When I opened up the map this morning, I found that one of these early birds had rocketed north over the equatorial forest, and is now in the Congo! I fly out to France in about 5 weeks. There’s still lots of preparation to do (not least, we need to build & test 40 RFID readers…) and it feels a bit like a...

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Playing with Geolocators

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One of the major difficulties when it comes to studying the ecology of long distance migrants is our poor understanding of what they get up to in the non-breeding season – where they overwinter, how they get there, what habitats they use, etc. In the case of Afro-Palearctic migrants, political instability makes ground work tricky – plus, Africa is a massive! Traditionally we relied on people coming across dead birds which had previously been ringed in Europe – however, recovery rates are extremely low & biased towards inhabited areas, and the fact that we’re...

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