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The field season is almost upon me! Here’s an updated photo of my pile of kit – quite impressive I think.¬† To save space I’ve swapped plastic collecting jars for space-efficient ‘whirl-paks’ for storing my invertebrate samples. I’ve also had to discard my tent and sleeping bag in favour of a B&B (when visiting a second field site near Perpignan). The RFID readers have encountered (hopefully) their final problem, which means they won’t be ready for me to take to France. No problem really, as I don’t have much space left in my luggage...

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1 week!

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The SEO Rollers are making good progress. The 2 lead birds are now in West Africa, in Guinea and Ghana respectively. The bird in Ghana is the one from northern Spain which, back in September, flew straight across the Med. and then the Sahara, rather than following the West African coast like is more southerly cousins. However, it looks like he won’t be repeating this epic journey on spring migration, instead taking the more sensible coastal route. Another interesting observation from the map below is the fact that the east-west route is a few hundred miles further south than...

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2 weeks to go!

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That’s right folks, in 14 days I’ll be touching down in Nimes airport – the sun will be shining, the birds singing and I’ll be completely, definitely, calm and relaxed… The SEO satellite tracked Rollers are making good progress – 1 bird is now in southern Mali (West Africa), another just north of the equatorial rainforest in CAR and another over the Congo basin. The 4th bird is nearly 4000km behind, although it hasn’t transmitted for a month, so the tag is possibly broken… I’m back in Norwich after 2 nights in Leicester at the BOU’s...

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