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Late May Roundup

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France First, news from le Sud! Harriet and Claire (more from them soon, hopefully) have recently confirmed the first few clutches of Roller eggs in Roussillon. They also have a few more unidentified clutches, belonging either to Little Owl or Roller, which will be confirmed in due course when they find out who’s incubating. These first clutches will hatch in mid June, giving the girls chance to do some chick-stage stuff (PIT tags – yay!) before they have to return to Norwich for dissertation fun. Insects This week I will start my systematic insect surveys, and will be counting...

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Martens & Beetles

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Not much to report after week 2 – I’ve been housebound for the last couple of days waiting for rain to clear and mapping data to arrive. Martens Last week I went out with Edmunds & his ladder and we set up 12 camera traps, each facing a triad of baited trees: 1 treated with turpentine, 1 with a strip of plastic and 1 untreated. We’re trying to test whether these different treatments prevent Pine Martens climbing the trunk, and therefore whether it’s worth spending time and money protecting nestboxes this way. What we may find is that Martens usually access the bait...

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Snow and Rollers

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Ādaži  Today I accompanied Edmunds & Ieva to the Ādaži military training area, where there’s another small Roller population. We checked all the nestboxes (I regained my ladder-legs after 10 months at ground level), controlled 2 ringed hoopoes (1 alive & 1 dead, with lots more evidence of martens eating things), found 2 starling clutches and an empty redstart nest and set up a camera trap at a hoopoe box. Snow It was truly cold today – colder than any day during the whole British ‘winter’. We even experienced a brief snow shower. Wildlife I took my camera,...

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Latvia – week 1

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Well, I’ve been living in Riga for a week now, and have spent 3 days exploring the field site, so I thought it was worth posting an update. RIGA The city is really nice and the walk from my apartment to the bus station takes me through the parks along the city canal. There are tree sparrows mixed in with the house sparrows, the crows wear hoods, and I’ve even seen an urban goshawk. The language is a bit baffling, but people speak enough English for me to get by. And at least the alphabet is basically the same. THE FOREST The main field site is a 40 minute bus ride from the city...

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