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Roller Chicks The first chicks hatched in Latvia in mid June, and by now pretty much all eggs have hatched out. Out of the 55 eggs found so far in Silakrogs and Garkalne, a minimum of 8 (including a whole clutch of 3) failed to hatch for one reason or another. Predation on Roller eggs appears to be mercifully low this year. Unfortunately, however, the cold wet weather of late has led to some early chick mortality – so far we have 7 dead chicks from 4 nestboxes, including a whole brood of 3. UPDATE (Sunday 29th): we have lost an additional 2 eggs and 7 chicks, plus more losses reported...

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Update from Latvia

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A normal year for Rollers We now have 14 pairs of Rollers on eggs across the three sub-sites of the relict Latvian population. Below is a graph (a graph!) of my preliminary estimates of first egg dates for these 14 clutches, showing what looks like a bell-shaped curve, with some points missing from the right-hand side. According to some basic territory mappings, there are still at least 7 pairs for whom I don’t yet have a nest. Some of these may already be breeding in black woodpecker holes, and some will certainly make up the tail-end of the above distribution. By the looks of things then,...

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News from Le Sud

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(Here’s the latest from Harriet & Claire, who are currently studying the Rollers of Roussillon, southern France) “We’ve been enjoying life in the South of France for 5 weeks now, so thought it was time for an update! Habitat Mapping The first week mostly consisted of us trying to remember our way round the field site, every vineyard looks the same! To try and prevent us from getting lost too often we started with the habitat mapping. This consisted of updating the maps that Tom produced last year and classifying every field (there were over 1600 of them…!) and landuse...

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