Heading north

Posted on Mar 11, 2013

Checking up on the Spanish satellite-tagged Rollers is usually near the top of my daily to-do list (note: unfortunately this cracking research has nothing to do with my project).

Last week, 2 of the birds started heading north, from Namibia across the border into Angola. When I opened up the map this morning, I found that one of these early birds had rocketed north over the equatorial forest, and is now in the Congo!

SEO heading northh

Screengrab from the SEO’s migracion de las aves website (http://www.migraciondeaves.org)

I fly out to France in about 5 weeks. There’s still lots of preparation to do (not least, we need to build & test 40 RFID readers…) and it feels a bit like a race now – will I arrive before the Rollers, or will they beat me to it?

It will be interesting to see how the return routes compare to the southbound autumn trips – I believe that the Chad stopover site used in October will be all dried up by now, so I doubt that will be of much use…

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